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"Being in business and not advertising – is like winking at someone attractive in the dark. You know what you're doing – but no one else does."
— Ted Turner

New versions of GOOD STUFF COUPONS – are posted on-line every other month. All clients – have a direct link to their web site. If you don't have a web site - we can create one for you. With a click – interested viewers can view your individual business site – and contact you if needed.


Advertising once – doesn't hurt… but consistency pays off. It's been proven that it takes people 3 to 4 times to remember an ad. You want to be fresh in their mind.

Be consistent! An old saying states, "The first mouse gets the trap – the 2nd mouse gets the cheese." If you advertise and then disappear, the next advertiser may get the shopper that was searching for you. Some of our advertisers have been with Good Stuff for over 23 years. People know they aren't "fly-by-nights" – because they've seen their name time after time – and they remember them.


How much should you spend on advertising? Clients won't show up magically. How will people know about you – if you don't get the word out? Statistics show that a business should allocate 3 to 5% of their budget to advertising. A SERVICE business  that doesn't have a retail location will have to spend more – generally 5—8%. A NEW business may need to spend up to 15% a year – to get their name established.


What makes a good – or great ad? Have you ever seen an ad that was really clever – and two minutes later you can't recall what the product was they were advertising? That's a CLEVER ad… not an EFFECTIVE ad. People should remember your NAME – your PRODUCT – why yours is BETTER – and WHY they need to buy it RIGHT NOW!


Some think that extending – or going without an expiration date is better. It's not. Research shows that most people use a coupon within 6 to 8 weeks. Longer than that – they've probably misplaced it – or forgotten it. Expiration dates say NOW!  To get the discount - you've got to move!


You believe you're the best – right? How can you let the public know how good you are? Business is not the place to be modest! What are the benefits of spending their money with you? Are you more Qualified? – Certified? – Higher Quality? – Less Expensive? – Better Location? – Better Service? – Free Parking?


Having your own business means the Buck does stop with you. It requires courage – and ACTION!


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